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I began studying Krav Maga in 2004, after realising that my previous experience of training in Boxing, Muay Thai and Combat Sambo would not solve the deadly puzzle of a knife threat which I found myself on the receiving end of. I subsequently studied within two different Israeli Krav Maga organisations (IKMF and IKMA, respectively), under Stewart McGill. I also had the pleasure to train with world renowned Krav Maga authority David Kahn.

In 2008 I was lucky to survive a serious hit and run incident, in which a car driver forced me into a motorway barrier on my motorcycle. This left me with extensive injuries and put me in a position where I had to re-evaluate my life and as part of the rehabilitation process, I decided to contact Stewart to start a program of intensive training alongside my physiotherapy treatment.

In late 2009 I passed the Urban Krav Maga instructor course and in early 2010 I opened public classes in Downham, Kent, closely followed by London Bridge. I then opened classes in Kidbrooke, Southwark and Orpington, followed by another venue in Kidbrooke. I have had the pleasure of coaching people from all walks of life, from builders to kidney surgeons, serving police and soldiers and even actors and stunt performers. I have been featured in the Telegraph, after holding a female self-defence seminar. I have taught thousands of people of all abilities and I can proudly say that six of my own students have gone on to become successful instructors themselves.

However, I take most pride in the feedback from former students, who have contacted me to tell me about encounters where they have used their training with great success and returned home safely to their friends and loved ones.


In 2019 I decided to close my public classes down, to focus solely on private tuition, from my apartment in Kidbrooke Village. As of 2022 I am also offering a Personal Safety Consultation, which I cannot recommend highly enough.

This lesson is available to anyone in the world with a good enough internet connection to share a video call with me.

Urban Krav Maga is a well respected and highly acclaimed reality-based self-protection system which is easy to learn and retain. It works for people of all shapes and sizes. It works against threats and attacks that you may actually face - and is constantly updated and pressure tested. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to have this kind of insurance policy in place, should you be in a situation where diplomacy has failed and force is the only option for survival.

- Darren

South London Urban Krav Maga


At South London Urban Krav Maga, you will not learn anything that will get you into trouble with the law. All scenarios have an answer which falls within Reasonable Force (UK jurisdiction). Although you will have the option and ability, if the need arises, to escalate your level of force.


Provided you pay attention and listen to your instructor, if you should ever need to call upon the physical side of your training, you will do what you need to, in order to guarantee safety for yourself and those around you - and you will not overstep the line, leading to the inevitable consequences.


That said, your number one priority should be your own welfare, not that of your assailant. Once you get going with your training, this understandably worrying grey area will make much more sense.

'Would recommend Urban Krav Maga to anyone wanting incredible fitness, conditioning and the best self defence training I've ever done'

- Danny Haggis, Special Reconnaissance Soldier and Bodyguard, Iraq

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