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I'm a beginner, is Urban Krav Maga suitable for me?

  • Yes! The system is designed to be learned for complete beginners and advanced martial artists alike. On the plus side, as a beginner, you will be a 'blank slate' and have no bad habits whci h will need to be rectified in training.

  • The system is easy to learn and retain.


I'm a bit nervous... What can I expect from the private tuition?

  • You have no need to worry. It is a relaxed training atmosphere. I will make you feel at home.

  • I am a laid back instructor, with a good sense of humour, so I am certain that you will enjoy the lessons.

  • The lessons are tailor-made to suit your goals and needs. They progress at a pace that suits you.


I have an injury, disability or specific medical condition - can I still train?

  • As with any other physical hobby, if you have any doubts whatsoever, it would be a good idea to seek professional advice from your doctor, physiotherapist or anyone else involved in your medical care, before investing in this type of training. That said, the training can be adapted as much as possible to suit your needs.

  • Please ensure that you make clear to me before starting your training if you have anything worth noting, for example Epilepsy, Vertigo, Dispraxia etc.


What can I expect of my first lesson?​

  • A welcoming and friendly atmosphere. All egos are left at the door.

  • Absolutely vital tuition on the psychological aspect of self-defence, giving you a strong foundation to build your physical techniques upon.
  • Non-regimental warm-ups and cardio work.

  • Clear instruction on simple, easy to learn, yet devastatingly effective self-defence techniques that work from day one.

  • A chance to hit the heavy bag and training dummy, to release some of the stresses of everyday life.

Do I have to bring anything along?

Just comfortable clothes, such as:

  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Yoga pants

  • Shorts

  • T-shirt

  • Rash Guard

  • Sports top

  • You will be training barefoot on mats, so any socks without holes in!

  • Bring a bottle of drink. However I am happy to provide refreshments.

  • Don't forget a sweat towel and change of clothes (or at least top), especially in warmer weather.


Do I have to be fit to participate?

  • As with any kind of strenuous exercise, if you have any doubts or worries, it is always best to consult a doctor or physician before taking part.

  • However, Urban Krav Maga is designed to work for everyone, regardless of shape, size, strength or physical fitness.

  • The more training you have, the fitter you will become.


Is Urban Krav Maga suitable for women?

  • Yes!! Urban Krav Maga is primarily a leverage-based system, so it does not rely on brute strength or 'hitting hard', making it perfect for women. You will learn techniques that are effective against much bigger and stronger opponents.


What about children?

  • Yes, I can teach your little one/s, from the age of six.

  • They will learn effective ways to stay alert, spot danger and act quickly and effectively.

  • Due to the way that I break techniques down in order for you and your children to fully understand, you will be able to practice them between lessons as homework for your child. This isn't compulsory, but will ensure you get the best from your investment.


Can you train me for cage fighting?

  • Yes. Urban Krav Maga has elements of MMA, so you can learn techniques for the cage.

  • However, because it is a reality-based self defence system, a lot of the techniques are illegal in combat sports. Therefore it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the rules of the MMA events that you wish to compete in and adapt the techniques accordingly. Some of the banned techniques that are used in Urban Krav Maga (when reasonable force dictates) includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Finger strikes

  2. Eye gouging

  3. Hair pulling

  4. Biting

  5. Downward (6 o'clock/12 to 6) elbow strikes

  6. Open-palm strikes to ears and nose

  7. Strikes targeting trachea (windpipe)

  8. Strikes targeting back of neck and spine

  9. Strikes targeting groin and bladder

  10. Strikes targeting top and side of kneecap

  11. Headbutts

  12. Knee Drops

  13. Head stomps

  14. Windpipe chokes

  15. Neck and spine cranks, including use of plyometric force to crush trachea (windpipe) and break vertebrae

  16. Grabbing of collar bone and clavicle

  17. Joint manipulation and destruction, including use of plyometric force during joint locks

  18. Pressure point and nerve point targeting

  19. Environmental and improvised weapons

  20. Many more

Clan Wars (, a Northern Irish MMA tornament, is run by Urban Krav Maga instructors.

Urban Krav Maga students in Scotland ( had success at the 'Honour 2' cage fighting event.


Do you train Police, Security and Military personnel?

  • Yes. Urban Krav Maga contains highly effective control and restraint techniques, perfect for high risk situations on the front line.

  • We have several police officers that are certified Urban Krav Maga instructors.

  • I regularly train police officers, door supervisors and serving soldiers in workshops and private lessons, all of which swear by the effectiveness of the techniques used in violent confrontations.

  • Although proudly a civilian system, serving Royal Marines and also ex-military operatives from various countries train with us.

  • Urban Krav Maga comes highly recommended by professionals operating in hostile environments.


Do you provide corporate training?

  • Yes. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Can we have a workshop?

  • Yes. Workshops are 4-8 hours long, at a location of your choice.


How soon can I expect to be any good at Urban Krav Maga?

  • With 1-2 hours tuition per week, you can expect to get to a high level within a year.

  • With 2-4 hours tuition per week, this can be reduced to around six months.

  • Six of my students have progressed on to become instructors themselves.


What is the difference between the styles of Krav Maga?

  • Urban Krav Maga, as opposed to traditional Krav Maga, is a civilian system specific to the threats we may face in the UK, with a syllabus based on the ten most common attacks, as provided by national police forces.You will not waste time learning defences against attacks that are unheard of in the UK.

  • Urban Krav Maga was developed - and is continually updated by a group of experienced martial artists with backgrounds in a wide variety of different fighting systems such as Krav Maga, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Traditional Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Vale Tudo and MMA.

  • Urban Krav Maga has a vastly improved groundfighting system. Developed by 4x BJJ world champion and Vale Tudo (Brazil's decades old no-rules cage fighting championships) veteran, Leo Negao... Leo is also the UK representative for Team Minatauro.

Please note:

Students are encouraged to make the training experience as realistic as possible. The emphasis is on swearing, aggression and threatening behaviour.

This is to prepare students for the reality of an explosive verbal assault in a street situation, which can cause adrenaline dump, seriously affecting the body's ability to perform any kind of self defence techniques successfully.

We train as real as possible (without racist, homophobic or personal comments), while avoiding injury, to get the mind and body used to just about any kind of situation that might arise.

We make no apologies for this approach, as this is one of the factors that sets apart reality-based self defence from traditional self defence and martial arts classes.

To progress and evolve, you must be taken out of your comfort zone.

Please attend your lessons with an open mind and do not be offended. Because on the streets, attackers do not say please and thank you!

'Your knife work is superb' - Renshi Anthony Pillage, Chief Instructor, Way Of The Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts

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