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I designed the content for this consultation in 2018. It became increasingly obvious to me that students (from beginners to advanced martial artists) lacked the vital knowledge needed to understand all aspects of self-defence. This knowledge and experience I gathered over nearly a decade of teaching Urban Krav Maga and extensive research in the field of self-defence.

While learning physical defensive techniques to deal with threat or attack scenarios is something which everybody should pursue, the most effective way to guarantee your survival in a violent encounter is to not be there in the first place. The knowledge needed for this is regrettably not taught in schools.

This will teach you everything you know in order to live a safer, more confident life - before you have even learned any physical techniques.

While following up after this consultation with physical training is advised, it is not imperative. But if you do choose to continue, I have several options available.

In my professional opinion, this consultation is crucial and dare I say, it is most likely the wisest investment you will ever make.

This vital knowledge is now available virtually so that you can benefit from it, regardless of your location.

Suitable for everyone, worldwide - from individuals to couples, parents and schoolchildren to teenagers and senior citizens. As the parent of a disabled child, I can assure you that this consultation is also suitable for disabled caregivers.

This consultation can be purchased as a gift certificate which you can email to, or print out for a loved one.

Worldwide Online Option

The Personal Safety Consultation is 90 minutes in duration and is strongly recommended.


It is taken by Zoom video call. Although it can be done over Whatsapp/Telegram video call.

Price: £70

SLUKM PSC Online.png

Please note:


I will require participants to have their camera/webcam activated for this consultation, so please ensure that you have privacy and distractions are at a minimum.


Please also ensure that any nearby phones, tablets etc. are switched off, or put on silent, so that the lesson can progress and conclude with all content covered and any questions that you may have are answered.

Local In-Person Option

The Personal Safety Consultation is 90 minutes in duration and is strongly recommended.


This takes place at my apartment in Kidbrooke Village, London SE9.

In addition, some physical techniques are included towards the end.

Price: £100

SLUKM PSC In-Person.png

'People who know what they are doing' - Peter Consterdine, Chairman, British Combat Association

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