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Here is some of the critical acclaim and recognition of our system:

Urban Krav Maga is a no-nonsense system that works!'

- Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine


'Pressure testing simulates real-life situations. The exercises bring out all the aggression needed to survive a real-life attack'

- Sunday Times Magazine


'World class techniques'

- Fighters Only Magazine


'People who know what they are doing'

- Peter Consterdine, Chairman, British Combat Association


'Your knife work is superb'

- Renshi Anthony Pillage, Chief Instructor, Way Of The Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts


'Over the years, I've done a few martial arts and this is the most effective and easy to learn'

- Sgt John Millbanks, Metropolitan Police


'Fui Mee, Lee Ann and I enjoyed your Fighting On The Buses workshop. It was superbly practical and clearly proved why so many techniques that look good are of little value in real-life encounters of the wrong kind! We look forward to attending more of these'

- Swee Lip Quek, former CEO, Master Sken Academy


'Would recommend Urban Krav Maga to anyone wanting incredible fitness, conditioning and the best self defence training I've ever done'

- Danny Haggis, Special Reconnaissance Soldier and Bodyguard, Iraq


'A great training session, thank you. Feedback from the group was very positive'

- Head of Surrey Police Force, Special Response Squad


'Would I recommend it for other women?

Yes, it is a great workout, especially if you want to learn self-defence and fitness without the rules and ritual surrounding other martial arts'

- The Telegraph

Testimonials from students at South London Urban Krav Maga:

A friendly class delivered by a welcoming and encouraging instructor that knows his Urban Krav Maga'

- Richard Wilson, School Head Teacher


'I've been training with Darren regularly since August 2011 and can honestly say he is an excellent instructor. He explains and demonstrates the techniques in a detailed yet easy to understand manner. The structure of the class is well thought out to ensure students gain as much as possible from them and Darren always ensure his students completely understand the techniques. All techniques are 100% effective in real life situations. You owe it to yourself to try a class, you won't be disappointed'

- Ricky Owen


'I love Darren's classes because for the first time in my life I feel confident that I am training in an environment free from sexually interested male glances or people that judge your body shape, your ability or how much you sweat. Darren was able to create a unique atmosphere of friendship, learning and fun'

- Adele Biraghi, Student


'I have been attending Darren's class for about 5 months now - I was really impressed by how practical and usable the system is from the first lesson. Darren is an excellent instructor and the time he spends explaining how and why a technique works makes it easier to learn. For me this is much more effective than the watch and repeat approach of other martial art systems'

- Douglas Sampson, Management Consultant


'Easily the best thing I've done'

- Paul Duffy, Economics and Sociology Phd student at London University


'I love the way Urban Krav Maga incorporates the best of many great martial arts and puts them all together. The way Darren teaches us is with great patience and the way he helps us to learn the moves is second to none. I've had a few instructors but none have ever come close to his abilities of teaching and the great care he takes in his observation of students getting it right. All I can add to this is well done mate and I know I can speak for the whole class'

- Francisco Montez, ex-powerlifter and Wu Shu Kwan practitioner


'Urban Krav Maga is great, I have gained so much confidence from it, but I could not get all this without Darren who is a very good instructor'

- Zsolt Gonczy, Personal Trainer


'Having tried a few styles over the years, I can genuinely say that UKM is the only style I have found where I am confident that the techniques we learn in class would work in a real situation.

Darren is a friendly and approachable instructor, whose clear and easy to understand teaching style that blends the techniques with realism (and a bit of humour!) allows us to retain and perform UKM techniques very quickly, even under pressure. Highly recommended!'

- Rob Evans, Construction Manager


'A truly amazing experience from beginning to end... Just one lesson has given me more confidence using the skills and techniques taught by our friendly and experienced instructor, Darren.

It's so easy to learn that even my grandmother could do it!'

- Ali Hussain, IT Analyst and Entrepeneur


'If I could, I would do it every day for the rest of my life. It really does work - one day at school, a boy was picking on me - I did one of the moves I was taught and he backed off. He didn't bully me again'

- Luke Medford, Student


'I've been attending Darren's classes for about 4 months now. The training is fantastic. I feel so much more confident.

It's also easier than I expected to get right into. There is no hanging around with form etc. - you just get stuck in at a very decent level and train with some great people.

The defence system is tailored to what you're likely to come up against in the UK, ie being robbed at a cash point.

I'm actually quite happy for someone to try and attack me with a baseball bat now!!'

- Deke Aaron


'I have had a number of private lessons which I've really enjoyed and found very useful. The system itself is easy to learn and has been developed to work in real life situations. My Instructor clearly explains the techniques and ensures I can execute each one before moving on to the next. He has a wealth of experience and enthusiasm which he brings to every session. If you want to learn how to defend yourself quickly and effectively in real life scenarios then Urban Krav Maga is the system to choose'

- Tony Munday


'The best thing I've done in a long while'

- Paul Lawrence


'Unlike other martial arts/self defence systems the Urban Krav Maga system focuses on a no-nonsense system to deal with a variety of real life scenarios and responses to enable the user to feel confident in most of the given situations that could arise in the modern world.

The South London Urban Krav Maga course is run in a safe and professional format and as an instructor Darren is professional, patient and knowledgeable in the system and able to ensure each student gets the very best from the lessons'

- Marc Sherman BSc (hons) MRICS, Associate Director, Chartered Surveyor


'Anyone who wants a confidence building system that works should try Urban Krav Maga. It's by far one of the best self protection systems/martial arts/combat arts I've tried and I've done a few'

'I've done a few traditional arts through the years but what I really love is the reality based self protection, UKM does it best'

'I've been training at Darren's classes now for quite some time, I have trained in a number of arts including Judo and Pencak Silat, none of these come close to preparing you for a real confrontation, not only are the techniques practised and pressure tested but also fight psychology and law is covered. If self defense is your thing, then you can't get much better than this'

- Andrew McBride


'South London Urban Krav Maga has given me the tools and mind set needed for London life and my job. Training with Darren and the team has made a huge difference to my confidence and how I patrol'



'Went to my first class today in Bromley; I can honestly say it was the best workout I've ever had and would defiantly recommend it if you want to get fit and learn a few life skills along the way!'

- Chirag Patel


'Darren is a great UKM instructor, second to none... I looked around for along time to find a good Krav Maga instructor as I know there's a lot of frauds around, but then I found Darren and he's the real deal, you wont be disappointed!'

- Stephen Cole, Door Supervisor


'Totally enjoyed my first class in Bromley. You taught me more in one night than I have learned in the last three years in the security industry regarding self defence! I recommend your classes to everyone and all the other students are so helpful to new guys like me. Looking forward to the next class'

- Andrew White


'I'm proud to say that I train in one of the best and only REALITY based martial arts; SOUTH LONDON URBAN KRAV MAGA fuss, no politics, just easy to apply effective techniques, a great environment and a great instructor.

I've done loads of different arts over the years but Krav is by far the best. I've been doing it for about a year and a half now'

- Vladimir Ivanov


'Having tried numerous combat sports, including Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, I wanted something that could be used outside of the competitive arena. At first, I tried the original Israeli Krav which gave me a taste of self defence. From there, I spent a long time looking for a class local to myself. I am the type of person to do a lot of research on something to make sure I am getting exactly what I am looking for. Having stumbled on Darren's classes during my search and with the temptation of the free taster class, I decided I would give it a try.

That was around a year ago now and I find myself becoming more and more eager to train at Darren's classes as much as I can. They are well taught, every move is broken down slowly and concisively. Darren is very polite and treats all students as equal. Having numerous weekly classes also gives you flexibility and the added bonus of being to train with different people each week. I don't think I really need to say anymore do I?'

- Ben Coburn


'Brilliant class tonight!! From the Human Pinball warm-up, to the strikes on the pads, to the pressure test. Great workout!'

- Jason Kirby


'Fitter, safer, stronger. Courtesy of South London Urban Krav Maga...

Having trained for a while at Commando Krav Maga some years ago, I saw an offer to try Urban Krav Maga (UKM) in South London on Living Social. Apart from the deal, I really wanted to get back into it. I also wanted to introduce my daughter into it who had already trained in self-defence as part of her job.

Though the nearest class to me (Downham) was further than we would normally travel, it has been worth it; we're fitter, stronger and feel safer and have made some great friends there, too.

The club's owner and Senior Instructor, Darren, is part of the appeal; straightforward instruction; clear, repeated demonstrations and a down-to-earth friendly disposition. Darren makes it absolutely clear to all students that being threatened, violently attacked or caught up in potentially life-threatening situations is not pretty. His training offers simple, effective and strength-neutral skills that give students the best (and legal) chance of escape, defence and survival.

It's fair to say that the training is done in a non-nonsense realistic way, and the screaming, shouting, swearing and speed of attack amd ultimate stress-testing are not for the faint-hearted. However, from my experience, students acclimatise very quickly to these adrenaline-fuelled situations, and look forward to them with gusto!

Darren always ensures there are plenty of drink breaks to catch your breath and often chucks in some light-heartedness along the way. This is coupled with a genuine comradeship among my fellow studentswho all show a real desire to learn - normal people of all shapes, sizes, ages and gender - including a group of egoless and longstanding regulars that help Darren mentor and support any new or less-experienced folk, making it a great non-intimidating place to learn.

Although UKM uses many elements from other martial arts, there's none of the somewhat boring and repetitive formalities and traditions. Instead it gets straight down to business with some interesting warm-ups (!), cardio/strength training and powerful techniques that are refreshed every week. As Darren always says, 'train hard, fight easy', and this belief forms the spirit of the club, instead of one based on falsities or hard-core machismo.

Under Darren's expert tutorage, South London Urban Krav Maga is a great place to learn the most practical system for today's unpredictable world - constantly adapting and evolving to be made even simpler and easier to use. I canwholly recommend South London Urban Krav Maga and suggest you sign up to one of the many venue classes today'

- Mark Reddick, Agency Creative Director


'ME: Hi, as a petite (ish) 28 year old female who has never done any sort of martial arts and being not exactly a fitness fanatic I strongly believed I had no chance against a stronger bigger opponent.

So yes, I was very much pessimistic about Urban Krav Maga (or any sort of self-defence for that matter) and only took the class for my fitness boost and just see what it was all about.

URBAN KRAV MAGA: I am staying on, I love it. It’s not all easy, it takes time, patience and sometimes sore muscles (muscles I didn’t realise I even had) but it really pays off. After only 2 months of taking the classes (once a week) Urban Krav Maga changed my perception of a “female against a male” situation.

Of course I haven’t become a super-woman or a professional fighter (yet!) and fear no one and nothing but I am more confident about myself. When in the past I would probably panic in some situations now I feel I will deal with it and hopefully will be able to defend myself or at least get away unharmed.

Only 8 classes taken and I already see the benefits, both physically and mentally. I am stronger, calmer and much more confident. Try to put a price tag on that. And the best thing about Krav Maga is you will only get better as the time goes on.

THE INSTRUCTOR: Now, none of the above is going to happen if you have an amateur, “not that great” instructor. You absolutely must see a professional who knows what he/she is doing. A great fighter doesn’t always make a great teacher, remember that too. Choose someone who is both.

I put my safety in hands of Darren. Do I need to say more?

CONCLUSION: Anyway, do give Urban Krav Maga a go it is something that one day might just save your life!

Regards and take care of yourselves'

- Alina M., Res F Manager


'Although a complete novice to this type of defence format I've found it both challenging but enjoyable even for a mature person.

The Instruction is clear, and what makes this different is students aggresion is encouraged to aid realisim as much as possible.

Beginners and Experienced students are equally welcomed so recommendation to give it a try is a must'

- Charlie Lorimer, British Army


'I've been to visit more than one Krav Maga style training club. (name withheld out of respect for that club/instructor); and, also, (name withheld out of respect for that club/instructor); both of these clubs/styles were good. But, by far the very 'best' Krav Maga training I ever had was learning Urban Krav Maga style; which I judge to be extremely effective, indeed. It is a mixture of many styles, Vale Tudo, BJJ, -etc. The trainer Darren is truly excellent; for both knowing loads of techniques; and, far more importantly, also knows how to teach it to people who are complete beginners. Being a beginner myself; so, whenever I go there, I really can't wait to go back to learn more'

- Paul Ramnora


'Krav is cracking!!! The most successful self defence in the world!!! Darren provides the best possible training every day! Whole body covered with bruises but u keep coming back for more!!! Strongly recommended!!! Love it'

'Great workout. Highly skilled instructor Darren will prepare you for any dangerous or threat situation. Close combat, pure self defence! You will be surprised how affective it is! Come and get some. This training might save your life! Highly recommended!'

- Bart Jones (was Naliwajko)


'A great teacher. What I learnt from Darren works. When needed Urban Krav Maga worked. That's what we all want. That's what's needed'

'State of the art techniques that worked when I needed them most. Thank you'

- Ray Baccus


'I've been through a few different martial arts and find UKM to be the most useful to me, SLUKM has a great atmosphere of mutual support in the class from both teachers and students.


- Rowan Gray


'Never tried martial arts prior to SLUKM but would highly recommend it. A relaxed environment to learn highly effective techniques taught by Darren, who obviously cares about the art and your safety in situations no one would like to be in. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Osss'

- Matthew Barlow


'Excellent self defense classes! Would highly recommend going there. Very professional instructors. Have been visiting classes for half a year now and it's been well worth my time'

- Sarah Dentz


'I have done a variety of martial over the last 24 years and after starting to learn UKM early this year wished I had started earlier it is by far one of the best systems I have been taught over the years. It works on a variety of ranges and covering ground as well as stand-up and clinch techniques, I would recommend anyone to learn UKM if for nothing else but the just in case factor'

- Alec Jennings


'I tried many different disciplines over the years. Gave up on them all as none offered the cut to the chase learning I was after, only form and tradition instead.

Urban Krav Maga was the first self-defense system that offered practical and efficient techniques from the off.

With the first lesson free you can hardly go wrong. Come along and see for yourself how good it can be'

- David Gore


'I've been training for about a year and look forward to each and every class. It's the most intense, practical and enjoyable martial art/self-defence system I've ever tried'

- Tom Hinshelwood, Author


'I was looking for a self defence/martial arts club in my local area, and stumbled across an advert for SL-UKM. Having no previous experience (and not being particularly fit) I was rather apprehensive, but I found them to be very welcoming and friendly to (although not easy on) beginners.

The system works well, the basics are easy to pick up - none of the techniques rely on unusual strength or flexibility. All students of all standards train together, so you always have the chance to practice with different sizes and levels of experience, and this helps to avoid any cliques or other artifical barriers.

A year later I am still loving the training, and hate it when forced to miss a class. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!'

- Richard Davis


'Fantastic no nonsense self defence classes, and very good pricing for Central London - including first class free!

I've been training and teaching martial arts for 15 years (TKD, Jiu-Jitsu etc. ) and started at Krav a couple of years ago. I still pick up really practical techniques and pointers at every session. My instructor Darren breaks everything down and clearly explains every technique.

If your goal is to learn to defend yourself effectively and in a relatively short space of time, I cannot recommend any club more highly than South London Urban Krav Maga'

- Daniel Morris


'I have been a student at SLUKM with Darren since 2011. This is a no-nonsense and no-frills practical self-defence style. Darren is a skilled and dedicated tutor. The emphasis on this class is realistic situations and students will get useful training immediately. It's also a great workout. I have also trained in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu and can honestly say that SLUKM is the best. Highly recommended'

- Justin Yoo


'Been attending classes for about 6 months now - love every minute of it. Darren is an excellent trainer and I learn new things all the time and solidify the knowledge he instils each week. Highly recommended…'

- Daniel Tolmie


'I started UKM just over a year ago and I am now hooked. Prior to this I had had limited experience of martial arts and this was over 20 years ago.

The classes are extremely friendly, big egos aren't welcome. The instructor clearly has a vast knowledge of UKM and other martial arts, and everything you everything you learn is useful and could be put into practice immediately if needed. There is no time wasted on learning techniques and forms that are irrelevant to today's streets.

Highly recommended, give it a go'

- Andy Berry


'Been going for over 6 months now and don't plan on stopping any time soon. Very friendly atmosphere from both the instructors and other students. No nonsense approach to self defence and techniques. Pressure testing at the end of the session really helps to embed the techniques in the mind and get a chance to practice them under more realistic (street) conditions. Can't recommend them enough. Excellent for self defence, confidence and fitness. With the first lesson free you've got nothing to lose'

- Jon Finch


'Excellent! I bought an Amazon voucher for 10 lessons, which was a great way to try out Urban Krav Maga. The lessons were intense and very practical. The training was excellent and I have continued to attend lessons. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in practical self-defence in real-life scenarios'

- Weelin Lim


'Darren and his team are first-rate instructors. They treat everyone with respect and are patient when explaining techniques - particularly with beginners. Not only can you learn how to defend yourself and others from various attacks but the pressure test elements provide a decent work out too. The classes are a great mix of people and I've already recommended them to many friends'

- Michael Huggett


'I started Krav 2 years ago in the Downham class on Wednesday evening and I can honestly say it is the best thing I ever been a part of for the following reasons; the class is very energetic which help me with with losing some weight, gave me a massive amount of self confidence in certain situations that I would normally not really know how to handle I have learnt so much in the way of self defense and how to resolve a situation before it escalates into something far worse and also what the signs are if trouble is on its way.

I have made some really great friendships as all the students are very friendly and non judgmental all persons are welcomed there are no exceptions what so ever.

The teachers are brilliant (Darren, Ricky and Joe) and very patient and they explain everything very clearly and no question in Krav is a silly one. It has a serious side but also a fun side to the class which is great, to sum it up I LOVE IT and just wish I discovered it sooner OSSS BROTHERS.

Another brilliant point is that we learn how to defend against weapons that are now commonly heard about on the news such as Knives, Guns etc which is all to common these my favorite saying is " its better to have and need it then to need it and not have it " So I have Krav skills in order to protect not only myself but more importantly my family and friends. I would 100% recommend Urban Krav Maga to anybody wishing to learn a new skill.

Thank you'

- Stephen Collingwood


'I started training with Darren 4 months ago every Tuesday and Friday. It has been a great experience which has helped me get into shape as well as motivated me to stop smoking and start doing exercise outside of the class as well.

The classes are well structured, easy to follow no matter what level you are. There is a distinctive team feeling which is motivational and makes training fun as well as challenging. I would recommend this class to anyone, male or female, physically fit or not'

- Pascal Malik


'This class is clear, concise, succinct and superb. There is no mollycoddling here - it is how it is! And it really works.

The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging, with more experienced members helping out new people. Darren is a great coach!'

- Neha Prasad


'Urban Krav Maga is the ultimate Self Defence training you can have, to feel confident and fit in an urban environment. South London Urban Krav Maga is the place to start developing these skills!

On the street you will never have only one opponent at all times, one referee, a clean fighting ring and a crowd cheering for you. You only get a few seconds to react to a variety of potential life threatening scenarios.

We train hard to fight easy, because victory only favours the prepared!'

- Paul Georgian


'I have been training at Darren's class in Downham, having never done any form of martial arts I was a bit apprehensive but as soon as I got to class I was made very welcome and the instructions were very easy to follow, I have now been training for a year and enjoy every lesson, I certainly feel fitter and more confident than before'

- Steven Grimwood


'I've been training at SLUKM for around 6 months already and I really like this club and system.

Before I was training in Brazilian jiu jitsu and kick boxing and I was thinking that is enough…

Until first training with knives : ) I realize weak points of MMA generally. UKM includes the most effective techniques taken from BJJ, KM, KB, TB etc and include as well techniques with and against weapons'

- Mariusz Kacprzak

'I've been training in Urban Krav Maga now for approximately three years, with the last year with Darren, of South London Urban Krav Maga.

Darren's approach to his teaching is excellent as he has a very good manner of making a technique appear to be very simplistic, this is done by demonstrations with other students, plenty of vocal coaching while breaking down the technique and humour to keep things light hearted, but always informative with precautionary advice.

The classes are always varied with students of different skill levels and we are encouraged to mix with the newer students which helps emphasise the fact that there's no egos in the class.

To summarise Darren's classes are excellently taught, with no egos and a good laugh and I can't recommend S. L. U. K. M highly enough whether like me your a novice with no martial arts experience or a seasoned practitioner that's looking for something a bit more Urban and realistic for our streets'

- Nick Ubsdell


'It's brilliant! The classes are engaging, well thought out and delivered professionally. The techniques students are taught are highly effective (some students have actually had to use them in real life situations) and importantly mostly easy to learn and apply. I think by the sheer number of 5 star ratings Urban Krav Maga has the system and clubs reputation speaks for itself. Try a class, if you don't enjoy it and see it's obvious benefits you don't have to come back so you don't have anything to lose yet so much to gain'

- Dick Jackobs


'Darren, the instructor, is very informative and explains the techniques simply and effectively. As the class is of mixed ages and sexes with differing levels of fitness, you will be taught how to adapt a technique to your level of fitness.

I have also found that there are no egos in his classes and senior students are quite willing to answer any questions'

- Paul Francis


'I started Darren's classes last year, they are extremely effective and the techniques that are taught are based on most commons scenarios you might find yourself in.

Highly supportive instructor and students. If you're thinking of doing any kind of self defence give this a try'

- Becky Hutton


'After being in an altercation I decided I needed to do something to help protect myself.

Searching online I found Urban Krav Maga and thought I'd go along to see what it was like and having never done anything like this before, I was very nervous in my first lesson.

Darren is a brilliant instructor and demonstrates each technique thoroughly and bit by bit which makes it very easy to understand and learn.

I have now been going almost a year and will definitely be signing up for another year!'

- Alan Elson


'I've been a student of Darren's having private lessons via the Rapid Progress Programme for just over a month now and the experience has been exceptional. Darren's teaching technique caters for all standards and my progress in learning the various techniques has been remarkable. I've also attended group classes and there are no egos at all. New students are welcomed with open arms and I know I will stay with Urban Krav Maga for the foreseeable future. I would recommend UKM to anyone'

- James R, IT Project Manager


'Great trainer, great crowd and great learning. There is no ego in the room, everyone is open to helping and making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in the process. I've attended other martial arts classes in the past where as a newbie you aren't welcome. This is not the case here'

- Adam Kenny-Singh


'I've been coming to UKM for only a few months and I'm absolutely loving it. The classes are great fun and jam packed with real situations that, as a woman, I would never have known how to deal with otherwise. Darren's style is ridiculously well informed, relaxed and realistic; I feel safe and secure knowing I'm taking these techniques home with me, and all the better knowing they're from an expert. Best investment I've made (along with the motorbike!)'

- Laura Hassan


'I spent many years training in other fighting arts. I started training URBAN KRAV MAGA with Darren and then Stewart nearly 6 years ago, I haven't looked back. Having a few nasty encounters in my youth and in my line of work, I was always looking for a good solid self defence system. I went on to pass the instructor course last year. I can't recommend this training enough. Darren is an excellent instructor and you will learn a great deal on the subject of self-defence'

- Ron Levett

'A great training session, thank you. Feedback from the group was very positive' - Head of Surrey Police Force, Special Response Squad

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